Corn Chat

Rain and corn ahh…!!  the endless combination.

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Everyone loves to eat bhuna hua bhutta, especially in the rainy season. There are lots of recipes for corn. Till date, I do not even think of it because I always love to eat the roasted corn with lemon and chat masala that is also from the street vendor because I like the smell of roasted bhutta. They roast it on a koyala😋yum!
Thanks to Saee, I always try out the different recipes for her. Mother minds who always think about how to give seasonal fruit to our kids in a variety of ways. Right moms? So I checked out many recipes of corn. The simplest one which every child love is cheese corn. I tried a bit of them and our family's favorite is corn pakoda.

This corn chat is simple and can be prepared in 5 minutes. As a little bit lazy I try out something easy😉

Peel the bunch of corn and boil it in hot boiling water for 5 minutes and drain the water. You can use this corn in many recipes.

Chopped everything and mix with salt and lem…

ANANDWAN products

In the era of local to global ask yourself a simple question:
Are you really going to use your local product? Do you like to have your own local product?
In the digital world, we are really forgetting our DESI people who are producing their product and selling it. There are porter, carpenter, farmer, and many more who are willing to sell their product. Have you checked on the highway side, how many of them are willing to sell their product, and how many of us are really stopping there to see? The worst thing how many of us are doing bargaining with them?
We are forgetting that these people feed their families only on this sale. They are able to live their basic life only on the sale of their products. Think about it once and if you really want to do something good please do purchase from them.

We love to do shopping in a mall and from an online platform. We are very happy to pay a huge amount over there without concerning the quality. Yes, there are brands that are doin…

Lock-down birthday party

Lockdown is still continuing here in Mumbai but most of the work has started. Very much confused about what is happening around us? Everything is so much confusing and stressful. Don’t know where we get such patients in spite of taking care of everything. In our area, we used to get a new corona positive patient in each 15 to 20 days😖 and it is really frustrating. I hope all of you are safe and healthy. Due to lockdown, we are used to making our celebration inside the home whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or any kind of party. Homemade cake and food are such a blessing. But the party without our friends is always incomplete, right? Finally, we are accepting that we have to live with this virus. After UNLOCK 1.0 we are a little bit free with the restrictions. So we decided to ease out our stress to some extent with all precautions. “Social distance” is mandatory but we are allowed to have a gathering of not more than 10 people and maintain a distance between each other at least 6 …

Happiness is selfmade

It was 1st January 2020 when one of my subscribers asked me to write on “HAPPINESS” and I did not write at that time. Because it was a really challenging one. I did not want to spread any negativity from my post. I tried but it seems to be more negative. Then I looked back to my life and observe, what is really Happiness to me? Thank you, dear subscriber.As it leads to me in deeper thoughts.Since my childhood happiness is not equal to me. Then I thought, “NO” there are more countable days when I was happy. Like I was happy when I had my degree, my first job, my marriage, my house, my vehicle, my kid, etc. I think these are the milestone in everyone’s life and everybody tends to achieve it. Yep, it is a different thing that we want something else and we get something. 😊 This is called DESTINY. You will get what you DESERVE! But,As human beings we tend to think about such things which we are not able to achieve. Might be for satisfaction or passion. It is perfectly natural. 😀All I want…

How to teach more than 30 words in a 15 minute

When you start to read aloud with your child it improves their listening skills. Listening helps to increase vocabulary. Practice and repetition make a habit that will enhance your child’s vocabulary. If you still haven’t started reading to your child just start it. Image Source: PintrestIt is very important to build up the habit of reading at an early age and it can be started from our lap only. Do you know why children don’t like to read because they are not able to identify the word. I am sharing how you can teach more than 30 words to your child within 15 minutes. This is especially for the age group of 4 to 7 years.Listening will be the basic part when there is the question, how to teach words to small kids? Most of the time parents tend to rote learning because we have been through this. Ratta, and ratta and ratta, but seriously it will not work at all. If your child misses a single letter of the particular word he will not able to memorize the full spelling. Yes, there are some …

An accidental visit to the Apple Farm

I am belonging to the west coast and love to roam freely with mango orchards especially in the summer holiday. It was an awesome feeling to have Alphonso mango tree around you at reachable heights from where you can pluck mango easily 😀. We have mango once in the year and yes that “AMARAI” looks awesome.
(PS: Amazon)Since my childhood, I always wonder how the apple is cultivated. The same question is now asked by my daughter too. She is an apple lover and I am not. Glad that my child loves to eat apple more than a banana. As I grew up I came to know the details procedure and wished to have a visit to the Apple Orchards once in a lifetime and yes, my dreams come true. (PS: India Mart)It was on Kashmir's visit when we are on our way to Pahalgam. A visit to Apple Orchard is not on our tour list. Still, wherever we went we saw only and only rose and apple tree. Each house has these trees in front of their door. This is the way nature is cultivated and preserved by this society. 
They do…