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Kids/Baby Approved Weekly Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Happy Monday !  Spring just started with little bit of rain๐Ÿ˜ Here, in Mumbai we had rain on Friday with heavy breeze. Local trains were stuck as usual and roads were blocked with heavy traffic. How about you ? Did you experience rain in your area? So weekend was quite cold. Not so cold and not so hot. But I love that atmosphere in my locality. Sunday was quite lazy as usual. Everyone was sleeping till 10.00 am and so I took this precious time in doing some cleaning. Yes! Utilizing time is the precious thing for me currently. Anyway the post is kids approved Indian Breakfast ideas means what we actually eat in this week. Sunday : Cheese Sandwich  I did cleaning only for 30 minutes. Everyone got up late and so we had cheese sandwich. It is simple and ready in 10 minutes.  I apply pizza pasta sauce on bread, put one slice of cheese and cover the bread. Tadda, sandwich is ready! We had it with coffee.  For babies I toast whole wheat bread with home made ghee and serve them in bit sized.

Twins Girls 12 months Update

My twins already completed 12 months. I always wanted to document the  updates but somehow unable to do that. You can say it is a mommy protection. So it will be back dated.  Both twins  girls having totally opposites personality from each other. And so there is difference in achieving the milestone.  For us as a parents it is complete new experience. This time I was very cool and allow them to explore with the flow. I am so so greatful to the God to have such adorable twins.❤ Currently updates of my twins at 12 months.  First one is "S" and the other one is "I" WEIGHT : Born weight was around 2 kg of both of them.  Both had attain good amount of weight. S is 8.5 kg. And "I" was 7.9 kg. I was always concerned with that weight but yes I know both are twins and came in this world without any difficulty. Compared to their birth weight they are healthy. So people will talk, and let them talk. I am greatful that my babies are active and healthy. EAT /FEED S tak

Happy Women's Day - Quotes and Message

"A VERY HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY" We women are incredibles, Intelligent and multitasker. Every home, every family, every emotions, every function is incomplete without us. Though there are some social rituals and patriarchy, womans are not getting that much respect and freedom now days too.  Womens are still expected to act according to the wish of family and Husband. Still there is no empowerment in home too. It will take a lots of time to change. So kick off that patriarchy and celebrate for each other.  As a woman we are multitasker and everything is possible for us. On account of this International Women's day I am wishing you all incredible women's a Very Happy International Women's Day" Cheer for US! support to each others and be there to help another woman whenever she required. What is the International Women's Day? International Women's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women's right

#BlogchatterBlogHop 6 Things I do to nurture my creative self

Creative activity could be describe as a type of learning process where teacher and pupil are located in the same individual - -- Arthur Korstle Yes, I truly believe in the above statement. Creative person is always eager to learn something new. Don't you think ? We all are creative. Aren't we ?  Glad that I am a mother - stay at home mom, after being professional CS life turned into Stay at home mom  made me creative person. Otherwise I wouldn't able to find out my skills and talent. I believe every creative person is Talented. ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž So What do you think a creative self means ? Creativity is something that allows people to show what they are capable of doing. For the most part, this ability is unique to almost every individual. ---- Joanna Yanez Joanna definition is relatable. When I look around or I can say our Social Media, tons of moms, people are Creative. Some of them are really Gem. I have learned, still learning and inspiring from them.  According to me Creative se

12 foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase milk supply

Hello guys, it's March! A very Happy March....filled with fun and color. Breastfeeding is challenging and it does require lots of patience in our first week of baby. Many mothers often did not able to have proper food while fulfilling the demand of the tiny person. They do not understand that taking food is utmost important thing at that crucial period. Yes, the first 3 to 4 days are very crucial. Whether you are new mom or experienced mom you will get overwhelmed due to the several pain from the body plus handling a new born. Feeding them, changing diapers and sleepless night added more stress to your body and mind. To survive this mode you must have to eat at least three meal with snacks whenever possible. Baby's Latching and milk supply are interrelated. If your baby able to latch it properly then there is adequate milk supply. Because the more baby will take feed the more milk supply will be there. But for that you need to have proper nutrients as per the body demands. Dis