Earth is the most beautiful planet. New inventions and human activities deteriorate the earth years and years. For the sake of the future we have to take sustainable action and practice some easy ways to live a sustainable life.


As per wikipedia : 

Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce the use of Earth's natural resources by an individual or society. Its practitioners often attempt to reduce their ecological footprint (including their carbon footprint) by altering their home designs and methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet.

Saving natural resources is necessary. Sometimes I feel people aren't aware of the deterioration of the natural resources. Do you feel the same way ?

They said, if you want to change the world go back to your home and start it. 

In today's blog post I am sharing some simple sustainable practices which I followed at home since I became a mom. 



We always forget to unplug the equipment. Whether it is a coffee machine, washing machine, mixer grinder or any electronic device. We should unplugged once the work is finished. It saves power and cost too. 


Every one's house is filled with kitchen paper towels and tissue paper. Instead of that use old t-shirts. I have a bunch of cutting pieces of old t-shirts and cotton dresses. It wipes everything quickly because of cotton fabric. A quick fix for a toddler mom's. This can save our tons of trees. 

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Everything comes in plastic. Even our food too. Chicken, fish and goat consumed plastic and then ultimately it goes in our body too. The first step is to stop using plastic bags. 

I have a bunch of cotton bags. Some of them I stitch from old curtains. In Mumbai especially in our area we didn't get any bags from the shopkeeper. We have to carry our own cotton bags. 

This will save the life of animals.

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Nowadays everyone is using body wash and shampoo which again comes in a plastic bottle. I still prefer to use soap. I also found hair soap. 

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Take away food is a requirement at least for me. We have options to tick no for plastic cutlery like spoons, dishes etc. The food containers are reusable. I used it for storage purposes. 

Refuse whenever possible and reuse  things instead of throwing it. 


In olden days every kitchen was filled with steel jars. Nowadays you can find various types of steel or glass jars. Instead of plastic opt for a stainless steel or glass container. 

I am not delicate while working in the kitchen 😜 so I prefer to have steel though glass jars always fascinated me.


I have been through water shortages. We lived 3 years in such an area where water used to come only for 30 minutes. I know the value of water. Now I have 24 hours of water but I still used to take a bath in a bucket and not under the shower. 

The same habit followed by my family members too. By this habit you can save tons of water. 


For my toddlers wardrobe I prefer reused clothes. I get it from fellow moms and from my siblings. So no new clothes shopping for my babies only for birthday and Diwali. Because I believe babies grow quickly and clothes tend to get dirty too. 

For myself I minimize my wardrobe according to the season. Hardly I go out but still I minimize my wardrobe according to the season. It is clutter free and cost effective. 

Minimize your wardrobe it gives you mental peace. The fashion industry is the one which has the biggest waste.  


We have a system of dry and wet garbage. Wet garbage is collected and used for compost. Use your wet garbage as a compost for plants. 


Do you know how much electronic scrap we have. That consumes lots of energy by the data server. I have a habit of clearing digital pics, documents, emails, and screenshots every six months. So my gmail storage capacity is not full. This is necessary because for one good picture we used to click hundreds of pics.

Clear your digital scrap every time. It will reduce the load on the server and save energy.


I started using this wooden comb for my daughter only. This is really helpful and much better than the plastic one. Easy to clean and durable. 


When you don't reuse plastic, aluminium or paper items then recycle them. I used plastic and aluminium jars for plants. Some of them are for organizers like cutlery holders, toothpaste, toothbrush holders or even school supplies storage.


I used to donate lots of things since I became a mother. When I have a single child I donate her shoes, clothes, toys, books to poor and needy people who live in nearby areas. Every year at the end of the school I used to do this. 

This will help the needy one and reduce the pressure on earth to some extent. 

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We are mango lovers. We all used to eat tons of mango in season. Instead of throwing the seed (guthali) try to plant them. At least 10 seeds we can plant. I used to do it with my daughter when she was little.

Plant Tree whenever possible. This will help in reducing the carbon dioxide layer in our Atmosphere. 


Nowadays every one have his own car. That not only increased the traffic on the road but also pollute the air. If we again started to use public transport as much as possible there will be low traffic and pollution too. Walk wherever possible and use cycle instead of scooty when distance is small. 

I still prefer to use auto, train and sometimes bus. Our children should know how to use public transport. 


Everyone talk about sustainability and eco friendly life but how many of us really working on that? 

Above mentioned habits are not new for us. Many of us grew up with this. Our parents used to have these habits. It is just like going back to our roots. 

The ultimate goal is to have an eco-friendly life. By inculcating this habit you can bring positive energy in your home and to our planet . It will save lots of money and we can have a sustainable healthy life. 

Question for the day: 

Which habit do you have which help in sustainable livelihoods ? 



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I wish to frame the time with my tiny twins because I was unable to do this with my elder one, my love. I was so busy with her and now regretting why I didn't store our memory on my blog. 

So this year I am going to store our day in life in each month 🤞on my blog. Whenever we will turn back we will be happy to see how our day was with these two tiny dolls. 

This is Friday of Summer Vacations of June 2024 with my 26 months toddler and 11 year old daughter 😍 



It is summer vacation so our morning starts late. Almost every day I have to prepare tiffin for Mr. Hubby. I got up at 7 a.m. On this day I made baingan bharta and chapati for his lunch. 

8 to 9 a.m.

Once he left for the office I had some my ME time. I drank my morning tea mindfully and did some work on my blog. 

Around 9 am my twin toddler gets up one by one and came into the living room. Little bits of hug and kiss and day started by saying good morning. (Please note not all days are the same 😁)

They both drank 1/2 glass of water and ate banana. They played with toys and I started to prepare breakfast. Generally our breakfasts were simple and repetitive. You can check it out here. 

This morning we had upma and for toddler sheera. Still their favourite and I was trying to offer the food which they love in the morning. No new food offering because they are hungry and so no experimenting is affordable at this time. We generally had our breakfast up to 10 to 10:30 am. (In summer)

12 to 1 pm

And then we read some books for an hour. I try to finish sweeping and dusting to make them ready for a bath. Around 12:30 pm we all had the bath, dressed up and ready for the rest of the day. 


2 to 3 pm

I prepared lunch. I offer screen time so that I can prepare lunch quickly.

Around 2 pm we had our lunch. We all ate together. Because this is the only way my twins were learning how to eat with their hands by sitting on the floor. I love to prepare small thali and offer the same food from our pot in small quantities. 

3 to 4 pm

3:00 pm  laundry - I put all the clothes in the washing machine and took the kids to the bedroom for the afternoon nap. Here they played with me hide and seek. Both of them love to hide behind curtains and giggles when I find them. After that some poems recite with action and we get drowsy slowly. We all slept from 4 to 5 pm.

While the elder one was having her screen time , some art activity. Then she also joined us for sleep. 


5 to 6 pm

In the evening the elder one went to play. We had evening tea and snacks. Offering some snacks like murmura and makhana to twins. Then we went to park from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. As much as possible 🥴😑

8 to 9  dinner prepared, and served. It usually took around 30 to 45 minutes to feed twins, and at the same time we also had our meal. It is Family meal time so it is slow and with lots of laughter, mess most of the time but we enjoyed it. 

some giggles continue, dance and family time. 10 pm all family members distributed the work of winding up. I handle kitchen cleaning, resetting for the next day. Daughter was busy making beds and Mr. Hubby played with kiddo and meanwhile organising toys from all the rooms. Generally we had toys in the living room. Sometimes it spreads in daddy's bedroom.

10:30 we were all in bed. Good night.

This looks so simple while I am putting it in a words but trust me it is sometimes difficult 🥴 na... Sometimes means in a whole day some time I felt even my elder one felt exhausted and fully drained.  

This is mom life with 26 months toddler and 11 year daughter. We trying to have fun as much as possible with music, games and books. 


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There are two famous LGBTQ (I believe) couple on Instagram. I saw their reels actually tiktok. They both are girls. One of them is tomboy but very cute. People adore her more. And moreover they both are Indian. I don't remember the name but yes they both are adorable. I like them. They do not post any wierd video. My awareness about LGBTQ started from these couples from tik tok. 

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Lesbian, gay, LGBTQ and Rainbow I heard these terms and still feel cringe. I can't tolerate seeing the same sex couple on screen.  In real life I don't see such couples. I became uncomfortable when I saw or read such LGBTQ things.

Due to social media people are becoming aware about this RAINBOW Love. Laws has been made for them and Indian screen also showcasing this love in the series and movies. The awareness make me aware regarding this kind of RAINBOW Love. Earlier I used to make fun about it. 

But time has changed now. 3 movies has changed my whole perspective towards RAINBOW love. I am able to understand the feeling of LGBTQ. In reality I still have not come across such a person while Mr. Hubby saw many such kind of couple but still I feel yuk. 

I know everyone is different and every person has his own emotions and feelings regarding love. I realised these when I watched these movies. 

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1. Ek Ladki Ki Ko Dekha To Asia Laga

Genre : Romance/Comedy 

Platform : Netflix 

Rating : 3/5

Sonam Kapoor played the role of Ek ladki who is different since her childhood. Her mother identifies it at a very early age but her father is not ready to accept this. 

The movie shows how many difficulties such person has. How she fights for her identity and her love.


The movie is directed by Shally Dhar and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The bold subject of LGBTQ story is very well portrayed by Sonam Kapoor. The main strengths of the movie are the  performances of these actors - Anil Kapoor,  Raj Kumar Rao, Juhi Chawala and Sonam Kapoor. 

The subject of the film is bold but you will not be uncomfortable while watching it. It definitely touches your heart. 

The music of the film is soothing and matching with the pace of the film.

Why do I like it ?

The film is unique with bold subjects and has a beautiful message to society about love. Love can be in different forms. 

I like the movie though it is slow. Sonam's acting is awesome but somewhere it goes to the negativity. Climax is a little bit complicated. Raj Kumar Rao's performance made me watch the movie. Overall it is good movie.

2. Badahi Do 

Genre : Comedy/ Drama

Platform: Netflix 

Rating : 4/5

The movie is about the LGBTQ couple who agreed to marry for the convenience of their parents so that they can live their life as they want. The drama started with confusion and laughter.

About the Movie : 

Badahi Do is directed by Harshwardhan Kulkarni.  Shardul a gay cop and Suman a lesbian teacher and their fight to have their own life. The movie revolves around this couple who find lots of challenges about their relationship and their future. Must watch to see How this couple fought for themselves and for their future without compromising on social norms. 

Why do I like it ?

Because of Raj Kumar Rao and Bhumi Pendenkar's performances. Raj Kumar Rao is a natural actor and I am a big fan of him. The chemistry between the two of them is great and makes their relationship genuine. 

The movie has a great mix of humor and emotions and engages you throughout the movie.

The movie starts as a romantic comedy but it handles the stigma put on LGBTQ by society very well. It gives out the message to the society that these people also have the same life like a heterosexuals person have. They can have kids too. 

3. Majja Maa

Genre : Family Drama/Comedy

Platform : Amazon Prime Video 

Rating : 4.5/5

This movie has a special place in my heart because Madhuri Dixit played the role of Pallavi. A Gujarati middle aged house wife who took every decision for the family in spite of being the victim. Pallavi' s story is heartbreaking. This also addresses LGBTQ with different points of view. 

About the Movie: 

Majja ma directed by Anand Tiwari. It shows Gujarati culture and devoted housewife life has turned upside down with the rumour. A truth about her became a threat to her son's life on the eve of his engagement with an NRI girl. 

Why do I like it?

The main reason is Madhuri Dixit who played such a bold role. A middle aged housewife's past becomes obstacles for her son's life. How she tackles the situation is portrayed brilliantly. I can feel her fear and every decision made for the sake of his son. His husband's acting is natural. I can feel his pain and confusion too. The way he is unable to understand what is lesbian is put out on screen brilliantly. This film makes me laugh, cry and sad too. Finally a good family movie with a great message. 


After watching these 3 movies my perspective has changed towards LGBTQ community. 

Love has no gender. Love is love it can come in many forms. I respect the LGBTQ community.

Yes, they are also human beings and they have a right to live their life the way they want. We don't know if one of them might be from our family too. Be humble and kind and more acceptable towards them. 

Question of the day 

Do you meet such kind of person? 

Have you watched any of the above movies? 


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As a mom I love to cook for my family. Whenever we make new recipe it always remind me of my father because he was foodie and he loved to eat varieties of food. But the condition is it should be delicious 🤤  My love for cooking is because of him. My regret is I was unable to feed him varieties of food as per his choice. 

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Dosa is not our family food. Our family means my maternal family. When I was young and high school students very few times my mom made it.  I don't have love hate relationships with dosa. But my mother didn't like it to make it or to eat.


The answer is my father. Yep! He was the person who wanted everything perfect in his meal. Whether it is salt, oil, masalas, crispy or softness, he wanted each tiny thing perfect.

And my mom is not Sugaran means not a trained cook. She barely managed to make three meals in a day with such a complaining husband. 😁

(Dosa is the recipe which reminds me of my late father and Shaila Kaki - my neighbour.) 😍

Shaila Kaki is the one who made the perfect dosa. When I was working girl we shifted to a new place. We had beautiful and sweet neighbours Shaila Kaki. She always made delicious recipes and gave them to her Kaka which means my father. 

And my father loved to eat dosa from her hand only. She used to buy a readymade mixture of dosa batter and had a non stick pan on which she made a very thin and crispy dosa. According to my father dosa should be thin and crispy and should be big.

And so that I learnt from her how to spread the dosa mixture on the pan. At that time I didn't like to cook meals at all. But after watching Shaila Kaki and her food experiment I started to have an interest in cooking.

My father passed away. It's been one year. Whenever I make dosa it reminds me of my father. 

🥹 After my marriage I used to make dosa whenever I visited my father. He always said, you people can't make dosa like Shaila Kaki and I argued a little bit and fed him 😜 

🥹 In last three years we had video calls most of the time. Whenever I made dosa I purposely called him, showed him that I learnt to make perfect dosa as per your expectations and he laughed. 

🥹 Though I use non stick pan or iron pan. Though I made perfect dosa but my Father never gets satisfied while eating it.

🥹 I remember, Shaila Kaki shifted to another place but my father always compared our dosa with Shaila Kaki's dosa and never satisfied.

Finally at this age at 40 I understand making dosa is a speciality of Shaila Kaki. I accepted my father loved her dosa only and we both sisters can't make it as per his expectations.😑

I accepted there are very few dishes which my father loved to eat. Dosa, puranpoli, dry fish and Mutton related all dishes which require an experienced hand and I am still in the learning process. 

These foods and memories bring tears in my eyes and the quarrel I had with my father brings a smile on my face. 

Sum up : 

Moreover I can say the beauty of these food memories transport me back to the time we spent with my father and family. And now we are only having those memories. 

I am missing my father with every food that he loved. 


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आजच्या लेखात मी लहान मुलांसाठी मराठी पुस्तकांची माहिती देणार आहे. लहान मुले म्हणजे ६ महिनीच्या बाळापासून ते शिशु वर्गात जाणाऱ्या मुलाकरता ही पुस्तकं खूप उपयोगी आहेत. लेख पूर्ण वाचा आणि शेअर करा parents सोबत. 

आजकाल मुलांना मराठी वाचता येतं नाही. इंग्रजी भाषेत त्यांचं education होते त्यामुळे मराठी भाषेकडे दुर्लक्ष होते. खरेतर आपण parents English books लवकर घेतो आणि मराठी पुस्तके नाही घेत. तसेही लहान मुलांना मराठी पुस्तके आवडतील तसे उपलब्ध पण नाहीत. 

पण शोधले की सगळं मिळते. 

मला सुद्धा ही पुस्तके मिळायला वेळच लागला पण मला खूप आवडली. Especially माझ्या ट्वीन मुलींना सुद्धा. 

तसे हे पुस्तक 1 वर्षांपासूनचा मुलासाठी आहेत. पण तुम्ही लहान बाळाला सुद्धा वाचून दाखवू शकता. जर तुमची मुले शाळेत जातं असतील तर त्यांचासाठी पण खूपच Helpful होतील. जर तुमची मुलं मराठी वाचताना अडखळत असतील तर नक्की हि पुस्तके Helpful आहेत. 

Books : Children 

Gener : Non fiction 

Name : 

१ . बोबु आणि अंड 

२. बालाचा बेडूकमित्र 

३. भोपळ्याची बी 

४. लीला आणि फुलपाखरू 

५. नोना आणि सफरचंदाचे झाड 

Illustration by 

Kanchan Shine and @ Radhika tipnis


यात लहान मुल आणि प्राणी आणि त्यांचा birth चित्रातून दाखवले आहेत. आर्ट illustration खूप छान आहे. मुलांना खुप सोप्या भाषेत सांगितलं आहे. 


अंड्यातून कोंबडी कशी येते?

छोटया बी पासून सफरचंदाचे झाड कसे होते?

फुलपाखरं कसे तयार होते?

बी पासून मोठा भोपळा कसा तयार होतो आणि भोपळ्याने तानपुरा कसा बनवतात?

बेडकाची लाइफ सायकल तर खूपच छान आहे. 

Overall, the colourful picture, illustration and small sentences are the main attraction of this book. 

पुस्तक आतून कसे आहे हे इथे बघा. मला आणि माझ्या मुलींना खूपच आवडले आहे. तुम्हाला सुद्धा नक्की आवडेल. 

If you are looking for a Toddler/baby books in marathi then check out these collections.


Illustration is awesome. I am using these books for my babies when they were 12 months old. They still love it. Babies love to see the colourful picture and try to connect with pictures easily. 

For big child who are toddler or started kindergarten will also love it. With illustration kids will easily understand the life cycle of butterflies, frogs, and pumpkin. Small sentence make the story more attentive. If your child is learning marathi then also it will be good options. If you have baby or toddler then you must read aloud them. 


Life cycle of Frog, Butterfly, pumpkin, apple , and cock. Everything in marathi. Check out the video here

Books are available on Amazon. 


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Inculcating Healthy Nutrition In Children #63PercentMoreProtein

We all know the importance of healthy nutrition. It becomes even more important for children to have healthy nutritious foods daily so that they can have sufficient nutrients and have a healthy life. Most of our essential nutrient intake comes from the food we eat. Protein, one such essential nutrient can be found in eggs, milk, red lentils, yoghurt, cheese, fish, chicken, and tofu, some good sources of protein


Recently I saw a reel on social media about the deficiency of protein in a children's diet. Parents are worried because kids are eating too many carbs like pizzas and burgers and so they are not meeting their protein requirements. Are our young ones healthy?

As parents, it is up to us to understand what protein is, what the benefits of protein in kids’ diets are and how it leads to healthy nutrition. Protein is one of the important macronutrients in a kid’s diet. Protein is needed for kids’ growth - growth of hair, nails and muscles. It also helps with their immunity. 


Protein plays a very important role in bodily functions and, the recovery and repair of tissue in the muscles, hair, blood, nails and organs. 

Hence growing kids have to meet the minimum requirements of protein from their diet. You can get the details on the quantity of protein your child needs according to age here

These all are scientific data but when I was a child, growing up in a Maharashtrian family, my parents never counted nutrients from the food. It was easier for us to have a balanced diet. But my mother understood that I needed that extra help and she used to add Complan to my milk. It was a win-win because I didn’t like plain milk. I got to have flavoured milk and my mother got to ensure I was getting nutrition. 

She bought a big tin of Complan and gave it to me daily. I happily drank it as a milkshake because it was yummy! Yes, I was a Complan girl😜 


1. Use all protein-rich food daily.

2. Give your kids boiled eggs, omelette, or scrambled egg or egg sandwiches. 

3. Lentils and sprouts are good sources of protein. Make dosa or cutlets for kids. 

4. Milk is our all-time trustworthy protein source. 

5. Yogurt, lassi, smoothie and buttermilk are other options.

6. Fry paneer or tofu. Use them in parathas or make cutlets.

7. Chicken fry, chicken kabab or chicken wrap are also good options.

Now my daughter is growing and having the same tantrums about eating protein-based food.  However, as a mother, I have found milk as my partner where we can get protein. She also doesn't like to drink plain milk. She always insists on adding chocolate powder or cocoa powder but it only adds to flavour. Instead of that, just like my mother, I have been giving her Complan only. 

While I trusted Complan as I grew up drinking it, I also believe in the nutrition that it provides to children. It is better than other protein powders for kids and let me tell you why.


Firstly, I drank it in my childhood and it helped me and it aided my growth.

Secondly, it's the fact that Complan has 34 vital nutrients including 100% milk protein and vitamins and minerals that support concentration and memory. It also has 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks and supports 2x faster growth in kids.


Protein is an essential part of a healthy nutrition diet in children. From growing kids to adults everyone needs protein. The best option is to have a balanced diet and make a habit of drinking milk twice a day. Don’t forget to add Complan to make it more delicious.

Till then Happy Parenting. 

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional dietician. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan. The views expressed in the blog post are independent.


This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration with Zariya Healings.


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