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Simple vegetable sandwich

Sandwich is one of the easiest breakfast recipes which can be made quickly. All you need to have bread and literally anything available in your pantry. The best thing about a sandwich is we can make it from the scratch too and it will taste heavenly.

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My family is a fan of sandwiches but we have bread once in 15 to 20 days, especially on weekends. Yes, in 15 to 20 days because if I have bread in my pantry then my little one will want to eat bread in breakfast, lunch, and dinner too, ๐Ÿ˜‡

Does it happen with you, mommy?

What is a vegetable sandwich?

A vegetable sandwich is consists of bread filled with lots of veggies raw or cooked with flavor. If you want to make it a healthier version try to use whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Try to use desi ghee instead of butter.

How to make a veg mayo sandwich?

It is very easy, you just have to pull out some simple chopping vegetables of your choice and mix them with sauce and mayo. I am using Dr. Otkear Fun foods. 

If you know me, I am always trying out an easy recipe that can be ready in 10 to 15 minutes. A mommy time is hectic and it is very difficult to feed healthy food to kids. So I am always trying out some easy and healthy recipes.

Do your kids want to help you in the kitchen? And you end up saying a big "NO" to them.๐Ÿ˜” Sounds similar, do try some following DO'S and see the magic.

Allow your child to mess the kitchen while making this sandwich.

๐Ÿง It will increase the child's vocabulary as he/she is going to listen and repeat the new word. They will learn new maths skills like measuring and counting.

๐Ÿง They will learn life skills like spreading butter, mixing vegetables with sauce, etc. Allow them to make their sandwich by spreading sauce on bread and vegetables.

๐Ÿง A little bit of mess is allowed and ask them to clean with you in a soft and gentle manner. Do not try to make this sandwich when you hurry. 

That why I mentioned above, We have this kind of breakfast on the weekend so that as a family we can have lots of fun in the kitchen.

We know the health benefits of eating raw veggies. This is the first time I tried raw veggie in the sandwich and it turns awesome. Like any other mom, I am also the one who tried out different recipes which should be approved by my kids.๐Ÿ˜‰ Trying to make it kid-friendly. 

Finally, it goes in my menu list, approved by my family especially by my kid.

Do you have a pre-decided menu list? I do make a menu with my daughter because she is growing up and constantly asking me every day, what is for lunch, breakfast or dinner? I am trying to make a menu for a week and allow her to be a part of this. so she gets to know what is for breakfast and will eat without making any tantrums because it is decided by herself. It's my win-win.

Let's jump into the simple easy peasy veg mayo sandwich recipe.                                                                                                                            

Grilled Veg Mayo sandwich   

Cook time: 5 minutes                  

Prep time: 10 minutes  

Total time: 15 minutes

Breakfast Recipe

Serve: 3 people               



Cabbage thinly sliced: 1 bowl 

Pepper (any colour) chopped: ½ bowl

Mayo:  ½ cup 

Ketchup: As required 

Oregano: As per taste

Chili flex: As per your requirement (spice or mild spice)

Cheeze: Lots of.

Brown Bread: 1 Loaf.

Salt: As per taste.

Direction :

๐ŸžTake out crust side of all bread.

๐ŸžMix the cabbage, pepper (raw vegetable), and mayonnaise with all the above-mentioned ingredients.

๐ŸžTake bread apply sauce and spread the above mixture and spread cheese generously cover with other bread.

๐ŸžPut this sandwich on hot skillet for toast with a little bit of butter or ghee. You can use this gas sandwich toaster for this too. It will give out the extra crust.

๐ŸžToast it from both sides.

The grilled cheese vegetable sandwich is ready.


We have a mayo sandwich with egg and chicken. My kid is a non-vegetarian and I am trying to feed her vegetables. She did not like this particular vegetable. This time I am surprised that she didn't take out a single piece of veggie. Yeee!๐Ÿ˜Š

Do your kids love sandwiches or jam bread? Love to hear your suggestions too.

With love 


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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Celebration of Women's Day 2021 : Interview with Zin Instructor



Wishing you all a very happy international women’s day.

Thanks a lot Ruchi and Dipika for hosting #Speakeasy blogging challenge on this occasion with a special theme “Celebrating sisterhood”

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We are strongest when we cheer each other on.”

--Serena William


And so here I am celebrating my friend’s achievement. On account of woman’s day I am pleased to feature my friend, trainer inspiration and Zin instructor, Ms. Shubhangi Pawar. I saw her journey starting as a trainer up-to having her own studio. I love to appreciate her hard-work and encourage all women to maintain yourself by taking care of your body.

Health should be always a priority. But it seems less important in case of Indian woman, right? It is not necessary to join a jim and have a workout. A dance party workout which is called Zumba is always banging on. I am a fan of zumba fitness because I love dance and I love to work-out with the music. This one hour make your body to move stress free. I have received lots of questions about zumba. Zin instructor is the only one person can solve your every doubt, right? So let's meet Ms. Shubhangi Pawar,

Q: Tell me about yourself Shubhangi?

Ans: I belong to a Maharashtrian family and have a normal education. My family is not that much girl’s career oriented, so I got married very early in my 20s. After my marriage I completed my graduation and had my children. I found my love towards dance and had zumba training. Right now I am a happy Maharashtrian wife, Mom of 2 kids, professionally trained Zin instructor and runner up of Mrs. Maharashtra Icon.

Q: Ohh, that’s great and congratulation for Mrs. Maharashtra Icon.

Ans : Thanks a lot. I believe if you have a dream do chase it until you achieve it. Every woman can achieve her dream. It might take time but you should do a lot of hard work.

Q: Yes, very true. Tell me what is Zumba?

Ans : Zumba  is a fitness program that combine Latin and International music with dance moves. Zumba routine incorporates internal training – alternative fast and slow rhythms help to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Q: How many years you have been in this field?

Ans: I am having 7 years of professional experience.

Q: What is the age limit to start zumba workout?

Ans: As of now there is no specific age limit. Starting from the age of 5 years up-to 70 years of age anyone can have this zumba workout. For each age group zumba pattern is different. Because before the age of 50, we all are fitness oriented. But after the age of 60 zumba workout is for mental relaxation. This relaxation can achieve through this zumba session which gives you more energy and refresh your body as per the requirement of this age.

At this age cardio is done with specific amount which help in a heart pumping. We all know heart attack problems arise specially above 60 years of age, as of now anyone can have the heart attack. But if you have daily cardio habits without any machine it will help to pump your heart regularly.

Disclaimer : You should consult your doctor before practicing zumba for age group above 50 years.

If you have a diabetic you should have a normal daily exercise. Music and workout create refreshment which reduces stress and anxiety. Alternatively it will increase your lifespan.

So there is no age limit. You have to practice it and make a daily habit.

Q: If anyone has any bone related issue then?

Ans: People who have bone related issue like Spine, cervical, knee pain can also have zumba. It improves your spine. Only disc damaged people are not allowed to do. If trainer knows the hammering of disc then they will have zumba session with proper training and doctor advice.

Bones related issue starts due to deficiency of calcium and if you have excessive amount of cardio. Zumba can be done without any equipment so there will be no pressure on your body to lift any equipment. With proper nutrient you can have this workout which is not going to effect on your bones at all.

Q: How zumba is beneficial to small kids?

Ans : Kids are tend to spend a lot of time in school and then tuition where they used to sit for a long time. Zumba workout helps them to cope up with hormonal changes. They can do cardio in a good manner and music refreshes them.

Q: What kind of exercise do they have?

Ans: Small kids can have bouncing, dance and jumping exercise. Dance work out help them to sweat well and induce a good sleep. No equipment is used for kids too. Alternatively this will increase their mental health.

Q: Do you have any season-wise zumba?

Ans: Not at all, you can have zumba throught the year irrespective of any season. Zumba give out toning to your body and cardio give relaxation.

Q: What kind of steps are there in zumba workout?

Ans: Zumba include cardio, salsa, belle dance and bolly-wood dance workout. One workout contains 15 songs. It includes first 3 songs for warm up, 3 songs for cardio, 2 songs are low- high, high-low rhythm and last 2 songs are for cool down.  You have to complete at least these 10 to 15 songs in one hour session according to the mentioned ratio. It start up with warm up, cardio, high how rhythm, middle rhythm include salsa and belly dance. Last slow rhythm includes stretching, body relaxation and cool down.

Q: Does yoga is part of zumba?

Ans: No, it is an additional activity on demand of the client. I tend to provide one session of yoga in a week.

Q: If anyone want to be a zumba instructor, can you guide?

Ans: Yes, anybody can be a zumba instructor. You have to register with zin. If you want to be instructor you should have this Zumba zin registration. After that you have to complete authorized workshop within assigned hours.

Workshops are arranged in different cities. You can choose as per your convenience. After completion all this you will get a license. You will connect through zumba community once you become a member. They will provide you all kinds of materials and have instructions like, what kind of steps should be there? What kind of music and counts of these steps? How many bouncing steps? Etc.

Once you get the license you can start teaching zumba. So license is the mandatory.

Q: Is there any specific music used?

Ans: Yes, as it is a Latin based and following music is used for each workout.

For cardio: Merenge song, for SALSA Kumba music and for BELLY DANCE bollywood music. It includes 5 to 6 types of music.

Q: If anyone want to start their own zumba center what will be the requirement?

Ans: You have your own place ie. Your own dance studio. It should be minimum 500 to 600 sq.ft. This area will cover minimum 10 to 12 person in one batch. The place should be airy, peaceful. Mirror is the most important element of this workout where you see yourself daily and appreciate your body.

Q: Any advice you want to give out to ladies on this special day?

Ans: I would like to say,” We should celebrate woman’s day on each day. If you are able to live your life with balancing health, mind and economical status then only apan ya divasacha respect thevu shakato. (Can able to respect of this day). We got a special place in this world and we have to maintain it by taking care of our health with proper diet. Because if we are healthy our family will healthy. We ladies should be strong in all sense, health and economically so that we can contribute towards our nation.

Well said, I also agree with you. We have to be healthy and fit.

Thank you very much for giving your time for this small session. I had always a great experience and lots of fun with your Zumba session.

What are your thoughts ladies? Is this helpful for you? Please share your views.

This post blog post is a part of Speak Easy Blogging challenge by Dipika and Ruchi where we are “celebrating sisterhood”’



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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Review : Pawana Lake Camping

Hello, 2021 

Year 2020 banged on us in every tiny manner. After a stressful year we all wanted to have a kick start of 2021 with happiness. This is our first vaccay of 2021 which was filled with craziness and thrill.๐Ÿ˜

Camping is always a dream for me and Saee. She saw it on her favorite cartoon Barbie, Peppa pig and always asking me, “Mumma when we will have such camping picnic?

And finally Mr. Hubby arranged this thrilling picnic for us, Thank You Mr. Hubby!

What is Camping?

Camping is a stay at tent which is located near lake, sea or at hill side. It is really challenging to stay in a tent with no light, no fan (as these things are not required) under the beautiful sky with moon and stars and bonfire. Such a beautiful sight!

Well, camping is a booming now. You can find numerous camping at beaches and Lake Side. Pawana Lake has around 350 camping sites. The more important to choose the right one which is pocket friendly and have a nice arrangements with foods, beds and washroom.

Pawana Lake Camping

Pawana lake camping is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Pune. It is the best way to celebrate the weekend with friends, family and college group. It is situated near the Pawna Lake where you can have beautiful Pawana dam view. Two day’s picnic where you can have your stay in a tent with rising sun .


You can have two sites:

# Lake side view where tent is near the lake.

# Hill Lake view where tent is on the hill with a lake view. And I think this is the best view where you can feel the beauty of sunset and sunrise.

How it is exactly?

I went with my family so it is kid friendly. You can take your 1 year baby too this place. 

# We booked our tent at hill side lake view where they have three floors. We were at 2nd floor.

# Tent size is on twin sharing basis. It is available according to the family size too. A good quality tent with warm temperature, proper bedding and blanket.

# The campsites are well illuminated throughout the night with beautiful light. Toilets and common area are well lighted.

What is the cost?

As I mentioned it is pocket friendly.

General range is Rs. 1000 to 1500/- Child cost is Rs.750/- (Below 10 year).

If you are going with large number of group you will get huge discount.

Check in time is at 4.00 to 6.00 pm

Check out time is at 11.00 a.m.

Meals: Meals include dinner, breakfast and barbecue

The most important thing is the food. They have all homemade food prepared at the site only. As soon as you check in you will get :

#Unlimited tea and Pakoda.

#Barbecue is limited - veg and non veg.

#Unlimited buffet- veg and non veg. We had chicken soup, chicken curry, dry chicken, roti and rice.

#Desert : Jalebi and Gulabjamun.

#Breakfast : Poha or missal paav. (Maharashtrian breakfast)

**Time is restricted. Dinner time start with 9.00 pm and end at 10:30 pm. After that you will not get anything.๐Ÿ˜‘ If you go on weekdays you will be served as per your demand. Cost will be varied for that.  

Things you have to carry with you:

#Power bank for charging your phones and cameras.

#Extra blanket if you want to have your own. I carry two extra blanket as I am going with my kid and I like to sleep in my own blanket. But yes in the early morning the temperature was cold where you require two three blanket.

#Extra pair of clothes. If you are going with your kids try to take warm clothes and hand gloves. Sneakers are compulsory to warm up your leg.

#Take extra flip-flop. Don’t forget to take your toiletries.

#Sun screen lotion or face mask is the must must must. We forget and had tan on our face.๐Ÿ˜Œ

#The most important to have warm clothes like jackets and sweater.



*Camping is filled with all indoor/outdoor activity.




*Football or volleyball


*Dance floor with DJ music

*Mesmerize beauty of sunrise and sunset.


My review:

Rating : 4/5

Food was awesome but it is more spicy for me.

Bedding and bonfire was pretty good.

Take always lake view site which gives you awesome beauty. It is my personal opinion.

Washroom is also well lighted and clean.

No mosquito at all.

Staff is cooperative and Marathi staff who have always welcoming spirit.

And most important it is safe in all manner. Even only girls can have this camping.

Go early before 5.00 pm if you want to witness beautiful sunset.


What is the best time?

According to me this is (Jan to Feb) best time. Neither you have cold winter nor a hot summer. I don’t think rainy season will be good because sand and soil become muddy. This is my opinion. You can go as per your comfort.

So what are you waiting for? Book your seat with your friends and family and have blast on this Valentine.