Beauty of Kashmir

Hi, thereExcited to be a part of #Speakeasy2.1 blog challenge hosted by Dipika and Ruchi.
Travelling is one of our (me and Mr. hubby) favorite thing. We do travel a lot and love to collect the memories and hence my blog is “Memory Flies”
As soon as I read the theme “Most memorable travel” my mind starts hopping and makes me realizes our all memorable travels. It is very difficult for me to pick out the one. My dream destination of India is the South pole "KANYAKUMARI" and the North pole “KASHMIR”. Thanks to Mr. Hubby fulfilled my both dreams. Today I am sharing my KASHMIR tour which was in 2018 with small kiddos and family. Traveling in hilly areas with small kids is not that much difficult.KASHMIR the word itself gives the feeling of immense beauty and warmth. Kashmir is the place that you can feel and rejuvenate yourself. The peaceful nature and beauty of Kashmir attract travelers from all over the world every year. Due to its geographical location, it is one of the coldest…

EVS Printable for 2 nd Grade

Online schoolis a new digital move of our India. Our kids are really blessed to have such a type of digital school at home. Hats off to the teachers who are doing such a great job for students. For some people, it may be a headache and for some people it is worthy. Alas, different people have different opinions. But for me, it is such a blessing to have an interrupted education at home. Instead of indulging in TV, TAB, a smartphone child can seat for a school and have their education. 

PS: Freepik.comYes, everything has it's pro and cons and this digital school also have some cons. We will not discuss that over here. Due to this pandemic, we have no other option. We should appreciate schools and school teachers for their hard work. They do focus on completing the syllabus and we should take care of clearing the concept of our children.
How to clear the concept in studies?
Parents need to help their child to understand the concept. We do get a chance to know what are the main problems…

Monsoon through my lenses

At the back of my school, there was a creek. Due to continuous rainfalls, the water in the creek logged, and slowly it enters our school ground. We were eagerly waiting for that and checking the level of water. Because at a particular level we got the holiday. Then viola…. Screaming, laughs, and lots of cheering! We went always with a group of 8 to 10 people and enjoyed the monsoon. Only one or two people had an umbrella and rest of us were trying to hide in the same one 😀 PC: Alamy stock photo I am missing those days. How many of you have these kinds of childhood monsoon memory? Do you still remember your school incident guys? Comment, please. Me and Mr. hubby love to have the monsoon ride on a bike. This monsoon ride rejuvenates us from the busy weekdays. This is one of the best ways to refresh our minds and body. Sipping tea on a roadside stall with hot pakodas… 😋 and adoring nature give us relaxation. It is one kind of meditation for us. We are grateful to have our home at this plac…

मी आणि माझी सई.........(From dad's corner)

ऐकले होते *बाप आणि मुलीचे जे नाते* असते, ते काहीतरी वेगळेच असते. पण जेव्हा स्वतः अनुभव घेतोय तेव्हा जाम भारी वाटतेय.मला नव्हते वाटले मी तुझ्यासाठी हे असे काहीतरी *सो कॉल्ड* पोस्ट वैगैरे लिहीन कारण आत्तापर्यंत तुझे माझे नाते नेहमी गुलदस्त्यात असायचे, पण का कुणास ठाऊक वाटले मला कि काहीतरी लिहू आपल्याबद्दल म्हणून लिहितोय . प्रथम तुला *वाढदिवसाच्या अनेक अनेक शुभेच्छा*  खूप मोठी हो , हुशार हो , खूप शिक आणि जे काही शिकशील ते आचरणात असुदे आणि त्याच गर्व करू नकोस. तू सध्या वयाने लहान आहेस पुढे जाऊन वाचशील तेव्हा कळेल तुला मी काय बोललो आहे .

तुझ्या माझ्याबद्दल बोलायचे तर ,कदाचित तुला ठाऊक नसेल त्या दोन गायकांबद्दल म्हणून सांगतो तुला संदीप आणि सलील कुलकर्णी यांचे *दमलेल्या बाबांची कहाणी* ह्या गाण्यातली एक ओळ आहे ती म्हणजे *"आई म्हणण्या आधी सुध्दा म्हंणली होतीस बाबा"* हे जसाच्या तसे आपल्या बाबतीत घडले. तुला आधी पण बरेचदा सांगितले होते मी कि फक्त १० महिन्यांची होतीस तेव्हा पाहिल्यान्दा तू पप्पा असे बरोबर ९ वेळा बोलली होतीस. मला वाटले काय आहे, काय बोलतेस, मग लक्ष देऊन ऐकले तेव्हा समाजले पप…

Corn Chat

Rain and corn ahh…!!  the endless combination.

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Everyone loves to eat bhuna hua bhutta, especially in the rainy season. There are lots of recipes for corn. Till date, I do not even think of it because I always love to eat the roasted corn with lemon and chat masala that is also from the street vendor because I like the smell of roasted bhutta. They roast it on a koyala😋yum!
Thanks to Saee, I always try out the different recipes for her. Mother minds who always think about how to give seasonal fruit to our kids in a variety of ways. Right moms? So I checked out many recipes of corn. The simplest one which every child love is cheese corn. I tried a bit of them and our family's favorite is corn pakoda.

This corn chat is simple and can be prepared in 5 minutes. As a little bit lazy I try out something easy😉

Peel the bunch of corn and boil it in hot boiling water for 5 minutes and drain the water. You can use this corn in many recipes.

Chopped everything and mix with salt and lem…

ANANDWAN products

In the era of local to global ask yourself a simple question:
Are you really going to use your local product? Do you like to have your own local product?
In the digital world, we are really forgetting our DESI people who are producing their product and selling it. There are porter, carpenter, farmer, and many more who are willing to sell their product. Have you checked on the highway side, how many of them are willing to sell their product, and how many of us are really stopping there to see? The worst thing how many of us are doing bargaining with them?
We are forgetting that these people feed their families only on this sale. They are able to live their basic life only on the sale of their products. Think about it once and if you really want to do something good please do purchase from them.

We love to do shopping in a mall and from an online platform. We are very happy to pay a huge amount over there without concerning the quality. Yes, there are brands that are doin…