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Indian diet for Twin Pregnancy

Having a second baby is my dream and we tried it for so long time. Finally when we decided not to have the universe gave us the blessing. From this point, I started to believe that if you wish for something from the bottom of your heart the whole universe will try to give you the same thing. This is called the law of attraction.

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Finally, we were pregnant with twins and I was in the air. The whole family was happy. Everyone was suggesting what to eat and how much to eat. You are going to give birth to two babies so you need to have a diet for three people. Everyone was giving advice on the well-being of the mother and baby in the womb. This happens with every mom, right mommy?

Mr. Hubby asked my Gynecologist regarding my diet and he strictly told me not to do any google searches. I also nodded like a good girl. 😊 I always wonder how these two babies get enough nutrition. Do mothers of twins really need to eat an excessive amount? What kind of problems she is facing? She is having twins so problems must be double like this and many questions are traveling in my monkey mind. But when I got pregnant and consulted my gynecologist she simply told me, Be positive and eat all homemade food as per your requirement.  Do not eat in excess. Drink milk and have a balanced diet.


Twins pregnancy is a challenging period. Our bodies have to go through a lot of problems like nausea, eating dislike, and many more.  Sometimes we are unable to have our favorite food and sometimes we carve for the food which we don’t like at all in our life.  All we need to eat properly otherwise the baby in the womb will not get proper nutrition. Our babies' growth is totally dependent on the mother's diet. A mother’s diet should include all vitamins and minerals then only she can have a healthy baby. In my case, I was totally normal till the mid of my first trimester. Then the roller coaster started and it was stop at the end of my 9 months. I had evening sickness and was so unable to have my morning and evening tea as I am a tea lover. Unable to eat a lot of fruits and non-veg food. My babies were not ready to take any external (hotel-made) food or junk food. Even if I eat that my babies immediately throwing it out. πŸ˜‡


Disclamier : I am not a professional or nutrionist. I delivered a twin baby in the month of December 2021. Whatever I am sharing is the advice given by my gynecologist. Before having these diets consult your gynecologist.


My doctor suggested having a balanced diet and also explained to me the benefits of a balanced diet.

Why pregnant lady should take a balanced diet?

# With a balanced diet you consume the required nutrients in the right amount.

# Mother remains healthy throughout the pregnancy.

# The growth and development of the fetus is appropriate.

# The growth of a pregnant ladies' uterus and milk gland is in the right way.

# The pregnant lady gets the strength to have a normal delivery.

# The mother can able to have proper milk after delivery.

# Apart from physical health a pregnant lady can have happy mental health too.

When I went in the third month I started to have vomiting and acidity issues. But still, my doctor advised me to have plenty of water. Eat-in short duration can say after every 2 hours.

How to eat when you have several health-related problems during pregnancy?

The first point is you have to take your prenatal supplement. Some women have a tendency not to have it. But it is the requirement of our body and hence you have to take it. I am still taking these supplements of iron and calcium.

With this supplement, you have to take a food enriched with calcium and iron.

Drink Kokum Sarbat (Juice) to reduce the dehydration and acidity in your body.

Eat-in small proportions, after every 2 hours. I used to have this kind of eating habit and still I am following it. Now my babies are 6 months old but still, I had to take a meal every 2 hours. Breastfeeding makes me hungry.

Drink lots of water it helps to keep you hydrated and also reduces the constipation problem. I prefer to keep a 1 ltr bottle everywhere in my bedroom, on the dining table, and in the kitchen so that I am having a proper amount of water. If possible try to drink boiled water.

Eat green vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Have 1 bowl of each every day. Do wash it properly before having it. I love to eat leafy vegetables and during pregnancy, I had most of them. From leafy vegetables, you can get iron and calcium. This also helps to avoid the constipation problem.

Eat salt in a moderate amount. I was carving mostly for chips which finally increase my blood pressure. The doctor advised me not to have pickles, papad, chips, and salty food items. So please control your salt intake.

Do not eat any spicy and oily food. It will increase acidity.

Try to eat fresh food. If you are a non-vegetarian like me try to cook meat fully and make it less spicy.

Have milk twice a day. I didn’t drink it because I had a vomiting issue. But I consume curd, lassi, and yogurt.

Here I am sharing my diet chart for one day which is provided by my gynecologist.  


Food items

Measurment /Comment


7 :00 a.m




1 cup  (sometime I drink )

9:00 to 9:30 a.m.


Palak Paratha/Alloo paratha/ Methi paratha


1 cup ( I don’t drink it)



½ cup

11.00 a.m.

Lemonade/orange juice





1 glass


Seasonal 1



12.:30 p.m.



Sprout (Maharashtrian usal)



1 cup

2:30 p.m.


Lentil (Maharashtrian varan/Amti)



1 cup (I had 2cup)

1 cup 

1 Tsp

1 cup

4:30 p.m



1 cup (I had it in my last trimester)


6:30 p.m.


Salad-fruit /sprout



1 cup


1 cup

9:00 to 9:30 p.m

Ragi roti

Green vegetable




1 no

1 cup

1 bowl

1 cup

Before sleep night 

11:00 p.m


1 glass (Sometimes I had )


You will get an idea of what to have in your diet. You can have plenty of vegetables and fruits. I used this chart throughout my pregnancy. Only I was unable to have dinner in the third and fourth months due to a vomiting issue. But I try to have at least soup, khichdi, or bhakari. I never kept my stomach empty. In the last trimester, I was able to have proper milk.

Following are the options which I used. I am Maharashtrian so giving out the same food items.

Breakfast options: Upma, Poha, Paratha, Puri bhaji, Sandwich – very few with only whole wheat bread, thalipeeth, sabudana khichadi, dhokla, missal paav, vada paav- homemade, dosa, idli, uttapam.

Lunch /Dinner options : Khichadi, Sprouted khichadi,  vegetable pulav, green leafy vegetables, Dal, rice, amti, all kind of green vegetables, paneer.

Non-veg: chicken, mutton, egg – all this should be made in less oil, less spicy, and fully cooked.

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Hope this chart and food options are helpful for the pregnant lady. Whether you have a single baby or have twins this is the right amount that you have to consume. If you want to eat more you can always eat. This is the basic measurement of the meal. I consume rice 2 to 3 cups and love to drink dal at least 2 cups.

If you find this post helpful. Do share with your pregnant mothers. I must say not a pregnant but every mother should have at least this kind of meal in one day.

What kind of food do you eat during your pregency? Do you find the diet chart helpful? Comment below.

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